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Wood DOG FEEDERS elevated raised pet diner - Rustic Log
List $74.00
Our Price $64.00
Shipping Included
Item: LL-02-dog-feeders

WOOD DOG BED Rustic Log wooden pet bed
List $98.90
Our Price $69.90
Item: LL28-wood-dog-bed
WOOD DOG BED Rustic Log wooden pet vertical bed
List $108.90
Our Price $73.90
Item: LL32-wood-dog-bed
Easy Step Bed Stair for small and medium dogs
List $169.90
Our Price $146.90
Shipping Included!
Item: GEAR-58

List $69.90
Our Price $56.90
Designed for Medium and Large dogs
Item: STEP-01

Mr Herzher Decorative Cat Hut
List $99.99
Our Price $36.99
HUGE manufacturers discount !!
Item: HER-14

ECO-NAP pet beds dog crate mats by West Paw
List $35.90
Our Price $29.90
Item: WPD-03
HeyDay dog beds by West Paw Design
List $69.99
Our Price $57.90
Item: WPD-16

Foam DOG STAIRS and PET STEPS small dogs

(4) deluxe foam models
Item: PSZ-01

Prices starting at:
$79.00 list price
$69.00 our price

 Excluding weekends, item usually 
 Ships within 48 hours 

Foam Dog Steps - Shearling fabric cover

Foam Dog Steps are a pet safety product specifically designed for dogs! The pet steps are ultra light and very portable. The low-impact pet steps will help your pet navigate furniture, beds and vehicles with ease. They will help protect your pet from back and neck injuries that can occur when pets jump to and from high places. Foam pet steps also help to reduce stress on their bones and give you piece of mind. About 3 out of 10 pets suffer from DJD (degenerative joint disease). Foam dog steps may actually help prevent the onset of DJD because of the high-density, polyurethane foam that is used in the construction of the pet steps.
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The foam pet stairs are lightweight, portable and very stable. Each step is individually fabricated and bonded which allows for very even distribution of your pets weight as they climb up and down the pet stairs. Dog Stairs are available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 step models to help you find just the right pet stairs for your furniture!

foam dog steps made in the USA Your foam dog steps will be shipped with a beige shearling fabric cover as shown below.

Choose from these Dog Steps models

3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step
13"H x 18"L x 16"W
Weight = 2 lbs.
Pets up to 50 lbs.

Beige Shearling Cover
17.5"H x 24"L x 16"W
Weight = 3 lbs.
Pets up to 50 lbs.

Beige Shearling Cover
22"H x 30"L x 16"W
Weight = 5 lbs.
Pets up to 70 lbs.

Beige Shearling Cover
27"H x 37"L x 16"W
Weight = 8 lbs.
Pets up to 70 lbs.

Beige Shearling Cover

NOTE: Skid resistant permanent adhesive back pad is included. Recommended for smooth surface applications (tile, hardwood, etc.) and is applied to the bottom of the pet stairs
(see image below) - Once pad is applied it is permanent and can not be removed easily.
Foam Pet Steps bottom non-slip pad

Item Number

Prices starting at:
$79.00 list price
$69.00 our price


Foam dog steps
shearling cover included

dog step covers
additional covers ONLY - order below

Shipping Calculator Instructions
dog beds, measure twice - order just once!


  • All covers machine wash, tumble dry - low heat.
  • Lightweight and portable - take with you on trips.
  • Skid resistant strips included for "slick" floors.

All Prices shown in US Dollars

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