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Luxury REPLACEMENT WICKER DOG BED basket pillow cushions
List $31.90
Our Price $28.90
Luxury fabric, separate liner with zipper!
Item: SPP-37

WICKER DOG BED BASKET wicker pet beds
List $89.00
Our Price $69.90
Shipping Included!
Hand-woven, willow wicker dog baskets
Item: SPP-21

List $69.90
Our Price $56.90
Designed for Medium and Large dogs
Item: STEP-01

WOODEN DOG CRATE wire panel oak frame wood crates
List $309.99
Our Price $294.00
Item: PIN-33-wood-dog-crate
Small Expandable Richell Indoor Pet Pen Crate
List $249.90
Our Price $199.90
Item: RIC-54

Bamboo Small Freestanding Richell PET GATE
List $135.00
Our Price $119.90
Item: RIC-24

Mr Herzher Decorative Cat Hut
List $99.99
Our Price $22.99
HUGE manufacturers discount !!
Item: HER-14

Solid panel oak decorative wood dog steps for pets
List $109.90
Our Price $94.90
Item: PPS-04
ECO-NAP pet beds dog crate mats by West Paw
List $35.90
Our Price $29.90
Item: WPD-03
Solid open riser oak wooden dog steps for pets
List $99.90
Our Price $74.90
Shipping Included
Item: PPS-08

HeyDay dog beds by West Paw Design
List $69.99
Our Price $57.90
Item: WPD-16

PET POUCH front dog carrier

for small pets
Item: FLM-10-adult

 Excluding weekends, item usually 
 Ships within 24 hours  

Dog carrier - front style for small pets

Restless Tails Pet Pouch The Restless Tails Pet Pouch pet carrier is a hands-free, front dog carrier that makes traveling with your pet safe, fun and easy. The Pet Pouch pet carrier is a replacement design for the pet pocket. A durable black mesh front that allows for good airflow to keep your little one from getting too warm. The Pet Pocket dog carrier is great for small pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and sugar gliders. Keep your pet snug and safe next to your heart while keeping your hands free.

The Pet Pouch pet carrier will give your little one a sense of security while they view the sights along with you, plus, no more sore shoulder muscles! For your comfort while carrying your pet, the Pet Pouch pet carrier features adjustable, padded shoulder straps crossed in the front plus a waist strap for even weight distribution. The Pet Pouch pet carrier has an interior safety leash that will hook to your pets collar or harness for added safety.

The Restless Tails Urban Front Pet Pouch Dog Carrier offers an additional security strap for securing around your body and the drawstring feature keeps your pet snug inside.

The Restless Tails Urban Front Pet Pouch Dog Carrier features an internal dog clip leash to attach to your dogs harness to ensure he or she stays safely inside the carrier.

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  • Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Reinforced padded bottom for extra support
  • Interior safety leash - keeps your pet safely inside
  • Draw String feature allows you to adjust the top opening size.


Small 12h x 6.5w x 12d
Pets up to 10 lbs.

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