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Refill for dog beds
100% Recycled, high loft

Would you like to replace, or refill, the stuffing (poly-fil) in your dog's bed or pet bed? The poly-fil stuffing and/or cedar chips are easily replaced in dog beds and cat beds that have a zippered liner (or some other access to the poly-fil core filling). Replace the poly-fil to restore your pet bed to "like new" condition for much less than buying a new pet bed! (1) bag replaces the fill in a standard 19 x 24" dog bed or cat bed.
(depending on how much you "overstuff" the pet bed liner).
Dog Bed Refill Stuffing for pet beds
Dog bedding refills are a cost effective way to "refresh" your dog's bed when it starts to smell "not-so-fresh" or when the dog bed stuffing begins to clump. The poly-fil refill we sell was chosen for its ability to resist clumping (premium spring wound) and not to absorb odors, much higher quality than the poly-fil you will find in dog beds and pet beds available at many discount stores.

Dog bed refill stuffing is a safer alternative to foam; it will not yellow or disintegrate and resists mildew. Poly-fil is actually strings of polyethylene (from recycled soda bottles) that are coiled like a spring. These "springs" are what provide the loft to the bed and help keep the stuffing from clumping.
Dog Bed Refill Stuffing detailed information

Shipping Cost Alert
FedEx and UPS have drastically increased the shipping rates on items like this - large volume/low weight. On this Dog Bed Refill product we now pay per square inch of box volume - not the actual weight of the box. We apologize for the high shipping cost - we have researched Postal Service rates and found them to be just as high. We will continue to offer this product, but must pass on the shipping cost in order to avoid losing money.

August 2015 update: The refill bags have been moved to the vaccum pack line - this results in excess air volume being removed allowing us to ship 2 bags in a 20x13x10 box. This has helped reduce the shipping cost, especially to States east of Colorado. We are now offerring these refill bags, vaccum packed, in 2-bag sets. "Fluffing" the poly before use is as easy as grabbing a small section and pulling it apart with your hands before inserting into your pet bed liner. After filling your liner we recommend putting the liner in your dryer (AIR COOL or other low heat setting) for 5 to 10 minutes to finish "fluffing".
Shipping Cost Alert

Double check the dimensions...
Make sure your pet will fit...
Ordering the wrong size is costly....
and avoidable. Thank You!
Shipping Details
Normally leaves Warehouse
in 3-5 business days (custom sewn to order).
Transit Time Map to your location.

Each Bag (vaccum packed) (approximately 4 lbs)
1 Refill Bag - 19 x 23" or (24" round) to about 5" thickness
2 Refill Bags - 24 x 36" or (34" round) to about 5" thickness
3 Refill Bags - 32 x 44" or (43" round) to about 5" thickness
4 Refill Bags - 36 x 48" or (48" round) to about 5" thickness
Features Benefits
Spun in the USA, (Georgia)
resists odors, mold and mildew
high loft, resists flattening or clumping
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