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Welcome Pet Owners and Dog Lovers!

Hi, my name is Ellie-Lu.
(that's me in the logo above).

Thank you for stopping by! If you are here shopping then I know you love pets ... and you are going to love the dog and cat products you find here. (I know I sure like testing them for my Mom!)

These quality pet products will not only help your pet live a happier, more comfortable life, but t can also help you interact with your pet better. My Mom & Dad are always traveling to trade shows and visiting manufacturers looking for the latest products. They choose only the best pet products they find to sell. So please browse around and give them a call if you have any questions.

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Winter 2012 Modern Dog pet products

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Why shop for Pet Beds Online?

Cozy pet beds for dogs will help your best friend get the rest they need. Beds for pets provide insulation, support for joints, warmth and a feeling of security. Quality pet beds, dog beds and cat beds are an investment in your pets comfort - one that will pay big dividends over time in the health and well being of your pet. As your pet ages their joints will not be as limber as when they were a puppy or a kitten. Warm, supportive and comfortable pet beds for your pet may help keep their joints limber longer, or even help relieve some existing joint problems.

Choose quality constructed pet beds for your best friend. Cheap pet beds, dog beds and cat beds may save you a little money now, but over time, a quality pet bed will be worth every extra penny you spend because of the positive effect it will have on your pet's quality of life. When you consider that a good quality pet bed will last for years, it really is a great investment. Most of the pet beds we feature are suitable for both dogs and cats, depending on their size. No more letting your pet sleep on the hard floor or sharing your bed with your pet (unless of course you want to!).

Whether you have a small dog, large dog, extra large dog or a full size cat, we have a huge variety of dog beds, cat beds and unique pet products. In addition to our great selection of pet beds we also have pet car seats, wooden dog steps and foam dog steps. If you are looking to "freshen up" an older pet bed, we have bags of dog bed refill available, as well as pet bed cover/liner replacements for many of our pet beds, dog beds and cat beds All of our pet beds are made from quality fabrics and materials. Pamper your pet with quality made, extra warm, pet beds from pets 2 today!

B​eyond Pet Beds and Dog Beds

Pets2Bed started out as a retailer of pet beds and dog beds online. We quickly found that the market for quality pet beds was very good - customers wanted an alternative to the $20 pet bed they could buy from the local discount store that only lasted a few months. However, something unexpected happened as we communicated with our customers... they let us know that they were very interested in new, quality pet products that were not available in traditional pet stores, or even the big box stores. So we began searching for pet manufacturers that produced specialized pet products. We attended trade shows, we researched pet industry magazines and found several companies that were operating "under the radar". We developed a relationship with those companies and have been very proud to bring their niche dog and cat products to market. Pet Products that are well made, well engineered and enhance the lives of our pets. We have some of the most unique pet products available anywhere. Please enjoy browsing and let us know if you hear of a new product that you don't find on our website.

Pets2Bed is a privately owned and operated company located in the heart of Illinois. We pride ourselves in bringing high quality pet products for both dogs and cats to pet lovers all across the United States and the world (through our partnership with International Checkout). We have partnered with over 40 pet manufacturers - if you don't see a pet product that you are looking for, please contact us. We are sure we can help you get just the right pet product or pet supply for your 4 legged family member.

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